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DONA VICTORINA: Magic 89.9 dissects senatoriable Ariel Querubin

DONA VICTORINA: Magic 89.9 dissects senatoriable Ariel Querubin

Col. Ariel O. Querubin for Senator Movement

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Message to my Fellow Filipinos
Sa aking mahal na kababayan…
May God Almighty be with you!
I have no doubt in my mind that the Lord has all the while been preparing me for public service. I was left for dead in 1989, and He allowed me to spring back to life. I have been imprisoned as a soldier, but I fully regained the honor after having been awarded the Medal of Valor in 2001. As my military career was very much back on track, I was again challenged to choose between right and wrong, between honor and injustice, between good and evil.
Even as we all work for a vibrant and prosperous Philippines, my dream is for every Filipino to enjoy the essence of freedom from poverty, fear, and injustice, to feel the tangible benefits of good governance, and to live comfortably in a society that fosters the unity of the family, protects human rights, and upholds the dignity of all.
I have not had an easy life. My life story has been replete with vivid encounters with injustice, poverty, corruption, and war. These painful experiences have shaped this dream. I never succumbed to the lure of material wealth. The physical, mental, and emotional hardships have been painful, but I never sold my soul.
As a young soldier, armed with idealism and the fire of youth, I have offered my life to defend this country from ALL its enemies.  I have suffered long and hard for the principles that I hold dearly. Many of my loved ones have suffered with me – maybe not physically, but certainly have shared in the misery and hardships that I have endured. The fire of idealism still burns in me, but I have been wiser not to engage fire with fire.
With a lot of circumspection and prayer, I have decided to run for the senate in 2010. I have no political pedigree. I have no political machinery. I have no financial resources. ButI do have honor.  I do have principles.  I do have courage.  TAPANG at PRINSIPYO lang po.
I believe I am ready to take on this new role, with your prayers and support this dream is not too far- fetched.  It takes the collective effort of every member of this society to make things improve for a country in disarray… a country whose hope is running dry…
All I can do, on my end, is to make the best effort possible to make society better, stand by my principles, and fight for what is right.  This I will do, if not for myself and our generation, then at least for our young children.  There is still hope for this country and people, we just have to unite for change.
Thank you and may the good Lord bless us all.   Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!
Sincerely yours,


Welfare for the People

Querubin’s priorities include the institutionalization of the benefit system in all agencies of government and society like those in health care, labor, education, agriculture, Filipinos overseas and the military & police. He believes that Filipinos should not be deprived of what is due them from the government. In doing this, he espouses policies which would strengthen reforms in the institutions, defining clearly the services, benefits and privileges due the citizens, and imposing harsher penalties on those who deprive our people of the benefits due them. He believes that what is due the people must be clearly prescribed by law, and enforced strictly. “Kung ano ang para sa Pilipino, dapat ibigay sa Pilipino”.
Military Reform
He also seeks to further professionalize the Armed Forces, by insulating it from undue use and abuse by political opportunists, and utilize the military solely for the defense of the people and the state. He intends to support the AFP modernization program that would ensure the sustainable upgrade of the military facilities, and lobby to provide for the needed appropriation thereof. He also seeks to enact legislation which would further rationalize the promotion and appointment system within the military which would be based on MERIT alone, and not make them dependent on the whims of political personalities and power brokers. The dignity of our soldiers and police should be kept and protected at all times, that they remain respected members of our society. “Dapat pangalagaan ang Dangal ng ating mga Pulis at Kawal, at manatili ang respeto sa kanila ng ating mamamayan”.
Anti Graft and Corruption
With the powers of legislative oversight, Querubin intends to use this check and balance provision of the constitution to make sure that government agencies perform according to expectation, and none of those entrusted with the responsibility of governance uses the powers of its agency for personal gain.
This can be done through deeper scrutiny in government appropriations, and providing for legislation which would support the needs of the institutions tasked to check on government acts such as the Commission on Audit, Ombudsman, and other similar agencies. Also, as Senator, Querubin plans to keep his vigilance and expose all prevailing anomalies and abuses and spearhead the filing of charges against the corrupt and abusive. “Labanan ang mga kurakot sa pamahalaan.”
Good Governance
By supporting and sponsoring bills aimed at building the nation, Querubin will “open” the Senate to the people, so that they may bring their proposals and concerns to the attention of their leaders for swift action.
He is willing to adopt measures which, after careful examination, is deemed beneficial to the people and nation building, especially those related to Science and Technology, Agriculture and Information and Communications Systems.
He intends to strengthen government partnership with NGOs, Civil Society and other cause oriented groups, aimed at making all government transactions as transparent, graft free and efficient as possible. He also aims to coalesce with the private sector for joint benefit projects, and use the prestige of the Senate to restore our people’s trust and confidence in our government and leaders.
“Gamitin ang pwesto upang ibalik ang tiwala ng bawat Pilipino sa ating gobyerno”


1. MEDAL OF VALOR -  AFP’s highest award given to a soldier for heroism, gallantry in action and sacrifice beyond the call of duty.
2. One (1) Distinguished Conduct Star – 2nd highest award in combat
3. Two (2) Distinguished Service Star
4. Seven (7) Gold Cross – 3rd highest award in combat
5. Two (2) Gawad sa Kaunlaran
6. One (1) Bronze Cross Medal
7. 12 Military Merit Medals
8. AFP Parachutist Badge
9. Tawid Award
10. Cavaliers Award (for PMAers only) for Naval Operations
11. Saranay Award – the highest award given by the Province of La Union to its outstanding constituents
12. Silver Wing Medal
13. Military Commendation Medal
14. Parangal sa Kapanalig ng Sandatahang Lakas ng Pilipinas
15. Military Civic Action Medal
16. Sagisag ng Ulirang Kawal
17. Long Service Medal
18. UN Service Medal & Ribbon
19. UNTAET Medal
20. Anti-Dissidence Campaign Medal & Ribbon
21. Luzon Anti-Dissidence Campaign Medal & Ribbon
22. Mindanao Anti-Dissidence Campaign Medal & Ribbon
23. Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation Operation Ribbon
24. Combat Commander’s (KAGITINGAN) Badge
25.  Marine Command Badge
26.  Marine Silver Command Badge
27.  Presidential Unit Citation Badge
28.  People Power II Ribbon
29.  Marine Combat Physical Fitness Badge (Gold)
30.  Philippine Marine Corps Plaque


A – Advocate progressive change and reforms to boost the dignity and pride of the Filipino.
R – Responsible leadership based on transparency, accountability, and moral ascendancy.
I – Infrastructure for people and commerce to combat poverty and usher development.
E – Economic Intelligence based on our cultural and environmental muscle.
L – Leveling the playing field through Education as the great equalizer.
A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving fervor than silver and gold” – Proverbs 22:1
Colonel Querubin used this Proverb in the Sword ’79 (PMA Yearbook) and lives by it up to this day

About Ariel

MARINE COLONEL ARIEL OLIVA QUERUBIN, the most bemedalled officer in the history of our country, is no ordinary soldier
Formerly the commander of the 1st Marine Brigade, Col Querubin is a recipient of the military’s highest honor in 2000 for the most exemplary heroism and sacrifice displayed in combat beyond the call of duty — the Medal of Valor.

As a lieutenant colonel, he commanded a Marine battalion landing team that engaged an estimated 800-strong, fully armed band of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) rebels in a 24-hour gun battle in Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte from March 18 to 19, 2000. Though outnumbered and facing heavy artillery fire, his forces succeeded in breaking the last line of defense of the rebel stronghold, resulting in the capture of Camp John Mack, the MILF’s most strategic staging area for operations. Aside from this, Querubin also headed the team which neutralized the notorious Abu Sayyaf leader ABU SABAYA in 2002, rescued Fr. Cirilo Nacorda in 1994, and selflessly fought the enemies of the state.
In the citation, he was described as having inspired courage in his men with his daring maneuvers, unmindful of his own safety, moving positions and drawing fire towards himself with the end of pinpointing where the enemy fire was coming from.
Interestingly, Querubin’s wife was pregnant and about to give birth in a few weeks at the time. The colonel was said to have admitted that his wife’s situation didn’t occur to him for a while. “All I thought about was that my men depended on me,” he said.
Querubin is a proud father of seven. While the Medal of Valor award afforded him such perks of getting prioritized in promotion to the next rank, medical benefits, free tuition in any private or public school from pre-school to post graduate for himself and his dependents and a tax-free monthly stipend of P20,000, he chose to work in the field most of the time, coming home just once a month or once in two (2) months for no more than a week at any given time, before his present incarceration.
As a father, he chose to spend quality time with his children. He believes his distance should not give his children a reason to be even more distant.
In the active service for over three decades, Querubin has always wanted to become a Marine. “Love of country talaga ang nagtulak sa akin,” he said. “Naramdaman ko na ito ang calling ko.”
Querubin is proud of the kind of discipline that his military career has instilled in him. “We make sure na ang mga sundalo, marunong rumespeto ng ibang tao,” he said, pointing to the high credibility enjoyed by the Marines. “‘Pag may lapses, seryoso kaming wag marumihan ang reputasyon (ng Marines).”
Querubin’s career, however, has also been marked by involvements in “military adventurism.”  He was co-founder of the military fraternity Young Officers’ Union (YOU), a member of the RAM or Reform the Armed Forces Movement, and recently was adopted by the MAGDALO group under Senator Antonio Trillanes due to the common advocacies they share.
Querubin was implicated in the alleged thwarted plot to unseat Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.  Querubin confirmed that he planned to join street protests last February 24, 2006.
Querubin graudated from the Philippine Military Academy in 1979.  Born in Pangasinan, raised in La Union and educated in Manila, Querubin traces his roots to Caoayan, Ilocus Sur.  A proud Ilocano, Querubin was awarded the Saranay Award, the highest award the Province of La Union affords its outstanding citizens. Also, he was awarded the Cavalier Award, an award given by his mistahs (classmates and peers) in the Philippine Military Academy for his outstanding performance as a soldier.

He has a Masters Degree in Defense Studies from the prestigious University of Canberra, in Australia.
He is presently detained in Camp Aguinaldo after the Fort Bonifacio Standoff in February 2006, when he and several other officers, protested the conduct of the 2004 elections which according to them, was marred by fraud.


PLACE OF BIRTH: Dagupan City, Pangasinan Province

ELEMENTARY: Project 6 Elem School, Quezon City
and Christ the King Elem School, San Fernando, La Union

HIGH SCHOOL: University of the East High School, Manila

COLLEGE: Philippine Military Academy, Matapat Class 1979

MILITARY SCHOOLING: Foreign Officer Tactical Intel Course
School of Military Intelligence, Canungra, Queensland, Australia in 1985
Australian Command and Staff Course
Australian Defence College, Canberra, Australia in 2003.

MASTER'S DEGREE: Management in Defense Studies
University of Canberra in Australia

WIFE: Maria Flor Palacio Azcarraga-Querubin CHILDREN: Seven (7)
FATHER: Benjamin Bello Querubin from Santa, San Esteban and Caoayan, Ilocos Sur
MOTHER: Eufrosina Martinez Oliva from Candon and Caoayan, Ilocos Sur.
FATHER IN LAW: Atty. Jose Cabato Azcarraga Jr. from Zamboanga City and Bicol
MOTHER IN LAW: Rosario Justiniano Palacio from Cebu, Samar & Leyte.


Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP); Couples for Christ (CFC); Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines Palawan Lodge 99; Guardians (Director 1993-1996); Young Officers Union (YOU) co-founder; Philippine-Australian Alumni Association Inc.


Medal of Valor (highest award given to a soldier for gallantry in action and who risks his life beyond the call of duty); Distinguished Conduct Star, 2 Distinguished Service Star; 7 Gold Cross Medals; 2 Gawad sa Kaunlaran; 12 Military Merit Medals; Parachutist Badge; Tawid Award; Cavaliers Award (for PMAers only) for Naval Operations, and the Saranay Award (the highest award given by the Province of La Union to its outstanding constituents)

During his career as a Marine, he has held various command and staff positions mostly in the field. He was assigned in Jolo, Basilan, Tawi-tawi, Zamboanga Peninsula, Central Mindanao (Lanao del Sur and Lanao del Norte), Palawan, Bicol (Camarines Sur and Camarines Norte), Bataan, Zambales, Pampanga and Abra and is one of the few who has valiantly defended the country and fought in combat against all the lawless elements who tried to threaten the security of the country and hold our citizens hostage with their own ulterior motives. He also served in the United Nations Mission in East Timor in 2001.

Mission Accomplishment and Welfare of the Filipino

• Mission Accomplishment - Legislation that promotes the aspirations and ideals of our people and benefits the nation

• Welfare of the Filipino - Serving the Constituents effectively by improving the quality of life


A - Advocate progressive change and reforms to boost the dignity and pride of the Filipino.

R - Responsible leadership based on transparency, accountability, and moral ascendancy.

I - Infrastructure for people and commerce to combat poverty and usher development.

E - Economic Intelligence based on our cultural and environmental muscle.

L - Leveling the playing field through Education as the great equalizer.

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving fervor than silver and gold” - Proverbs 22:1 Colonel Querubin used this Proverb in the Sword ’79 (PMA Yearbook) and lives by it up to this day.

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Querubin says he’ll be released after PGMA’s term ends

By Dateline Philippines
Posted on Mar. 04, 2010 at 2:48pm |
MANILA, Philippines – A decorated marine officer detained for allegedly plotting to overthrow the Arroyo administration in 2006 expressed confidence that they will soon be cleared of mutiny charges.